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The photo above is from July 2016. None of the people in the shot are me, seeing as I was the photographer.

        I discovered minimalism about a month ago. An assignment for AP Language and Composition led me to Netflix where I became acquainted with the Minimalists. The moving documentary gave me the final push I needed to downsize my chaotic and frenzy life. 

       However, it didn’t start with one massive decluttering session where everything that ceased to add value became discarded or donated. It all started with KonMari. 

       I picked up a copy of  Spark Joy in 2016. After discarding some old gifted clothes which I never wore, I thought I was done. Boy was I wrong. 

      Old makeup, books I had already finished, jewelry, stationary, instruments, old craft supplies cluttered my life. The reasoning behind my collection of unused items is accredited to, “the most dangerous words in the English language, just in case.” -Joshua Fields Millburn

      Just in case I want to re-read that novel, just in case I need that colour lipstick, just in case I pick up knitting needles that went unused for over three years! Just in case…

       Forgetting the effect of “just in case,” aggravation and overloads of anxiety to my obsessive compulsive self. After about twenty trips to my local charity shop, my life is marginally less cluttered. I know that each item I have kept adds value to my life and I will use in the next phase of my life, uni.

      Currently I live in Alaska and my future is in Iowa City, over three thousand miles away. Checking bags of luggage is expensive, and I would not subject my childhood home to the degradation of becoming a storage unit. 

       I can confidently estimate that I will only need to check two bags and take a single carry-on during my flight in July. Whether that will actually happen, we’ll see in two months.

        For now, welcome to my blog, the chronicle of my life. I will share my journey as a minimalist, a student, and an ever growing person. I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay.

Flailing through chaos with minimal damage. Chronicles twice a week.


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