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Minimizing in May

          Minimal vanity, two words, completely different connotations. Minimal, the bare necessities, nothing superfluous. Vanity, overflowing amounts of makeup, hoards of clothing, jewelry, above and beyond.
Originally I clung on to makeup for an arbitrary reason, money. Green slips of paper somehow became more important than my happiness, than my values, than my beliefs, change needed to happen.
          In February of this year, I undertook Project Pan. Since then ten products have made their way out of my vanity. For my Project Pan, I chose one product from each category, which were the only products I would allow myself to use within that month.
That first month I discovered something quite extraordinary, the bright, garish orange lip gloss I had chosen for February, didn’t have to be used up. While my inner zero waste fanatic had a myocardial infarction, she also found solace.
After the realization, I discarded the products I couldn’t pass on (lip products, products that touch my inner eyes, etc) and gave away the rest. Now I have about thirty items, but the number is arbitrary. The takeaway is this, discard items that take value from your life, better yet, gift it to someone who will find value. The next step is to practice intent.

        $180 worth of cuts, $180 worth of dye sessions. What kind of insanity is that?
My inner Ravenclaw and Slytherin conspired with each other to rid the annual bill of $360 dollars for hair, essentially dead protein.
       “Why not learn how to cut and dye your own hair? You’ll barely have enough money for textbooks and school supplies in three months.” With a quick text to my hairstylist, one lesson, and a pair of scissors, dead ends met their demise.
To cut my hair to a satisfactory level, I purchased a pair of eleven dollar scissors. The cheaper scissors from a brand I despise called to me, but I knew that these scissors would be an investment. Now instead of $90 twice a year dedicated to the dead, I can now dedicate that sum to something of value. Whether it is financial stability, gifting an experience to a loved one, getting a meal with friends, etc. The eleven dollars went beyond the scissors, it gave me a catalyst to utilize my limited finances more effectively, to practice intent.

         This month I’m also practicing intentional waste. I purchased a zero waste shopping kit from BagMeFrankfurt. While my veggies and fruits were sitting in their sad plastic bags, nightmares of choking seagulls invaded my dreams. The kit has yet to arrive, but I’m excited at the prospect of cutting back not just on shopping bags, but produce bags as well.
           The Diva Cup is also making an appearance this month. I could not recommend the Diva Cup enough. It dramatically cuts down waste, while I’m on period I can never forget it at home, (seeing as it’s in me) and the clean up and maintenance is minimal.

Flailing through chaos with minimal damage. Chronicles twice a week.


One thought on “Minimizing in May

  1. I totally need to cut down on my makeup drawer, but I’m too afraid to do it. I don’t have excess on excess but I find myself being so close to throwing something out and then going “what if I need this…” but still never using it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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