Minimalism · Values

Maximizing Time


Once again, the photographed person is not me, seeing as I took the picture.

            A little town where almost everyone knows each other. Forget the six degrees of separation, if you know Steve, you are connected to everyone in this town and the next. Most stores close at six, some don’t open in winter, others close at two. Welcome to my town.

            The internet devoured most of my time Luckily my family is financially stable so all I had to do was get good grades and go to school. YouTube videos, animes, fanfics, t.v., and books devoured most of my time but added little value.

            Media is a drug; the more you take in, the more you crave for that same high.

            Instead of dedicating my time to anxiety and consuming mass amounts of media, I chose volunteer at the animal shelter.

            The first day I had a realization about cats; not all of them are evil. Til that day, I equated cats with devilry, evil. It turns out not every single cat is like Luna I or Luna II (the first my family adopted then returned, the second is my current cat).

            The cats at the shelter are playful, kind, loving, spiteful, prideful, arrogant, pompous, cranky; no wonder cats are often associated with aristocrats.

             I’m thankful to the Minimalists for encouraging me to step out of the comfort zone and do more, be more, contribute more. My course load, family life, depression, anxiety combined into the perfect storm to make life about me. Everything was about me. All of my actions pertained to me and that isn’t the best life, that isn’t the life I wanted.

            Priorities, self-pity, the storm of me were minimized alongside my physical belongings. Now, almost a year into my journey, I’m still learning. The worst of the storm passed and now in the eye of the storm, calm found me.

Flailing through chaos with minimal damage. Chronicles twice a week.


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