The Night of Graduation, Family Over Casinos


The above image is not mine, but it was permitted for use.   

           May twenty-first, 2017, I finished my k-12 education. The valedictorians’ (yes, valedictorians’) speech reminded me of the struggles we faced as a class, fighting our way to earn a diploma. One of us contracted osteosarcoma, yet he still managed to graduate with the rest of us. Us of the class of 2017 are exceptionally tenacious, after all. The night of our graduation, the school and our parents organized a casino night.

              Originally I meant to get dressed up, rock red lips and kiss my friends goodbye as I made off with my wins, but instead I went home and ate dinner with my in-laws, sister, and parents.

              My time with the class of 2017 came to an end in our school gymnasium. It was time to let go of ephemeral bonds and to solidify the ones I’d have for life. Plus, my brother-in-law made pasta and we agreed to eat after graduation, and my sister and he could teach me everything I would ever want to know about gambling and casino games.

             The parents and my friends said I’d regret not going, but that wasn’t the case. We passed pasta around the table, at copious amounts of garlic and a chocolate chip pie for dessert. It was intimate, and beautiful; especially since I’m 51% extrovert and 49% introvert.

                 Now that I have a month of freedom, content on this blog will be a bit different. Just how different it will be, can only be found out in the future.

Flailing through chaos with minimal damage. Chronicles twice a week.


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