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Changes; Tips on Decluttering

ByeAlaska-COLLAGE          This week I bid Alaska farewell and headed to Iowa City for uni. I sent one piece of luggage with my sister and my brother-in-law, checked a small sports bag, a suit case, and carried on a single backpack. In hindsight, if I didn’t have as much winter clothes or books, I wouldn’t need so much baggage. However if there is anything minimalism has taught me, it’s to keep the items that add value to my life, and be rid of the superfluous clutter. As I have found value in these minimalism tips, I thought I would share them on my blog.

  1. Donate clothes first.

With the KonMari method, the first category to tackle is clothing. Start with items that you have never worn. Old gifts whose origins are forgotten, clothes from primary school, old team t-shirts which you never wear. Then, move on to luxury items and sentimental ones. My aunt gifted me with a leather jacket which I never wore. I re-gifted the jacket to an underclassmen for her birthday since she seemed to like the style. It may be considered a faux pas to re-gift, but I say we eliminate the stigma. It’ll be better for the environment and our pockets.  For the last stage, get rid of clothes that don’t fit. If you’re working toward a fitness goal, ask yourself two simple questions. “Will  I actually be healthy if I can fit into this piece of clothing?” and “Is this size a realistic and healthy goal?” If there is even a doubt that the answer is ‘yes,’ donate it immediately. Working out and exercising is great for health, not for superficial clothing sizes.

    2. Have I read this book in the last year?

We all have books from our childhood. Ones that we kept clutched to our chests, others permanently glued to our bedside tables. When was the last time you’ve actually read these books? Better yet, ask a trusted partner to move the books to a different location without telling you when they do so. See how long it takes for you to notice. If a week or more goes by, donate it. My old library used to collect books and sell them to profit the library. I gave away most of my books with a smile knowing that they would benefit the community. Look for similar charities in your area. Libraries, churches, and book swap boxes are all good places to donate.

     3.  I don’t think it’s expired…

One of the main areas I need to tackle was my makeup collection. At the beginning of my Project Pan I had over thirty items in my collection. Five months in, I have twenty-two items. Most of the items I gave away to friends who I knew would find value, such as my Naked palette. I encourage you to donate your makeup items to friends and family who might find more value in eye shadows and nail polishes. Other items such as dried out eyeliners, lipsticks that are never worn, I suggest tossing in the bin. Your face is a premium canvass which should only be adorned with items of true joy. 

I hope these tips have proven to be useful, and that now I’m settled in my new home, I will actually update twice a week. Best of luck to the both of us.

Flailing through chaos with minimal damage. Chronicles twice a week.






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